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Carry Excellence and Inspiration Everywhere You Go

Once inspiration begins to fuel passion, the pursuit of excellence becomes the focus. This is the driving force behind the success of all entrepreneurs, designers, career professionals, and even families. Strive to learn more.

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designing with U in mind

At DZNU™, we share our knowledge with small business, offering consultation services.  Our guidance is designed to help your business improve performance, efficiency, growth strategies, or start-up. 

Another facet of our company involves the design and creation of elegant handbags. Our company leader, Ponchitta Young, is also an accomplished author of an inspirational, life-changing book, a must-read for individuals and families.

We connect our skills to bring clients both designer products and services that are distinct and worthwhile. 

  • Designer Handbags
  • Business Consultation Services
  • Inspirational Products

Meet The Designer

Ponchitta is a self-made designer, author, consultant, and motivational speaker; she was born and raised in the South.

 She wanted to produce a handbag with a great price, quality material, functionality, and unique styles.  She wanted to create an affordable classy style of handbags to be enjoyed as an everyday wear.

Ponchitta sought to create something uniquely appealing.  She began sketching a few designs of her own at home, utilizing a tech software, and eventually pursued a resource development team to assist her.   Ponchitta launched her original designer handbag to the market in 2016.

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